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A wealth of data, both ancient and modern, are correlated to demonstrate the inadequacies of our present world views . However, most beliefs have a common origin. A new more viable holistic model of how the universe actually works can accommodate traditional institutionalized scientific and religious opinions after weeding out historical distortions and misconstruals. The most serious impediment to understanding Greater Nature was the introduction into religions of personalities who represented powerful cosmic events. On the other hand, science remains insular or essentially geocentric when seeking explanations for climate change and other planetary activities. Most of the differences between science and divisive religions can be reconciled when everybody can relate to a real single pervasive creative first cause ; still naively assumed to be a Supreme Being . Actually, two perpetual processes provide the material and vital patterning dynamic of the cosmos.

Have you ever wondered how the matter produced by stars is moulded into ordered patterns like spirals ? The shapes of spiral galaxies and shellfish are governed by the same elementary mathematical ratio, .618/.382 , known by several names, such as the Fibonacci Ratio , the Golden Mean , the Divine Ratio , or phyllotaxis , as it applies to plants, or anatomy in the case of organisms. The formative force responsible for this ubiquitous patterning is insensible , so it was difficult to describe it in terms of a physical phenomenon beating at this .618/.382 quantum rhythm before the development of instruments able to extend and supplement our senses and understanding.

This ratio also describes the spacing between some orbits in the hydrogen atom , and this relationship is perpetuated throughout the cosmos when the electron and proton are liberated by a splitting process ( ionization ), only to be rejoined later ( recombination ). Collectively, these particles create rotating electromagnetic fields able to transfer their quantum properties to all material in any environment by remote action . By this route the quantum properties, hitherto though to be confined to the atomic domain, become universal via fractal harmonic resonance . Without being aware of it, we live in a Quantum Universe .

The discovery of this moulding process in numerous scientific data facilitates insight into those relevant to the vagaries of climate, solar activities, planetary dynamics and the collective subconscious .

Sages who designed Stonehenge and Giza seemed to have known and respected this vitalizing phenomenon.


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