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• Finding MAAT - Goddess of Universal Order 
• Ancient Symbolism Deciphered
• The Origin of Dragons
• Spiraling into Atlantis - Fact, not Fable

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V The Cosmic-Constant [Video 45mm.]  
Slaves of the Pulsars
Universal Gene
The Dimension of Creation
Raving Bulls and Little Bear
Reality versus Blind Faith
Books Price £ sterling ($x2)  
B1 Slaves of the Pulsars £10.00           
B2 Universal Gene £25.00
B3 The Dimension of Creation £22.00
B4 Raving Bulls and Little Bear £20.00
B5 Reality versus Blind Faith £20.00
B6 Giza - a Unified Plan based on Nature's Law £12.00
Cost of articles per page 30 pence ($ 0.50cents) minimum 20 pages. [£ 6 or $10 ]
Articles General Pages  
A1 Introducing the Quantum Rhythm 4  
A2 Ancient Philosophies Vindicated 8  
A3 Two Aspects of the Quantum-physical Creative Process 6  
A4 Sirius B — The Red Giant ‘Moon’ 6  
A5 What do Giza and Stonehenge have in common? 4  
A6 Stonehenge and Giza in Orion 20  
A7 Nature’s Favourite 137.50 Angle in Giza and Stonehenge 13  
A8 Stonehenge Re-Decoded 16  
A9 The Logic of Giza and Stonehenge 6  
A10 The Logic of Stonehenge 6  
Al1 A Drowned Civilization — the True Story 16  
A12 History’s Missing Link 2  
A13 Another Spurious sensationalized Atlantis Claim 4  
A14 Solving Ancient Mysteries 4  
A15 Cracking the Code of the Universe 2  
A16 The Maker’s Clay 4  
A17 Spinning Yarns 5  
A18 The Quantum Rhythm in Wars 2  
A19 The Cosmic Constant — discussion 7  
A20 Is Humanity Really Changing the Climate? 5  
A21 Identifying the Gods 4  
A22 The Exodus (Exposing the manna and miracle lies) 4  
A23 Origin of the God Idea 4  
A24 Can Divisive Faiths be Reconciled? 2  
A25 The Evolution of God — from Stellar Explosion to Phantom 4  
A26 The Star of Bethlehem 3  
A27 Explosive Birth of Religion 4  
A28 The ‘Flood’ explained 4  
A29 Holy Cow 4  
A30 The Elixir of Immortality 2  
A31 God Reconsidered 10  
A32 Motives for Developing Giza 6  
A33 The Meaning of the Sphinx 4  
A34 Mathematical Proof that the Sphinx is Older than the Giza Pyramids 6  
A35 Evidence against Sun Worship 6  
A36 Critique of a Great Sphinx Documentary 8  
A37 The Stonehenge-.Giza Connection 4  
A38 The Domains of the Gods 4  
A39 Redefining the Ankh 12  
A40 The Pennants of Osiris 2  
A41 Recent Inputs Rejuvenate Egyptology 23  
A42 The Great Sphinx 2  
A43 Lgyptology Revitalised 6  
A44 c-mail to R. Bauval and G. f-Iancock. Queries about “Keeper of Genesis” 5  
A45 When did Sirius B explode? 4  
A46 Quantum Analysis Solves Climatic and Geodynamic Problems I  
A47 Structure, Timing and Order in Geophysical Systems 24  
A48 Global Warming Myopia 8  
A49 An Elementary Pattern Pervades Complex systems 28  
A50 Quantum Analysis — A New Diagnostic Tool 66  
A51 Reviewing the Role of Cosmic Particle Showers 14  
A52 Restricted Insular Climatology 8  
A53 A Partner for E=mc2 8  
A54 Stocks and Tidal Turns 30  
General Overview. 10  
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