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The collective trading psyche is dominated by microfluctuations in the magnetosphere induced by quantized cosmic wave incursions .

Despite the known multifarious inputs into economic activities, trading patterns are invariably quantized, and sometimes predictable. The most extraordinary burst of economic activity followed shortly after cosmic particle flux abated from a high level around 1700AD to its recent lowest level in 150,000 years. Ice cores indicate that elevated cosmic particle flux was coeval with bad times. Low levels and good times coincided. The Collective Trading Psyche is shown to follow these Cosmic Quantum Rhythms .

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This 12thC mathematician revived some aspects of Quantum Periodicity without knowing its cosmic origins, which were apparently familiar to some sages more than 5000 years ago. Its presence was discovered in trading patterns by Ralph Elliott, who became a proficient forecaster of turning points in trading activity by interpreting their fractal progression. His methods based on pattern recognition are still used successfully.

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