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Many core myths are dismissed as fictional, simply because their factual content has been forgotten. Scientific research reveals that they often recall memorable events, such as the dramatic end-Pleistocene great ice meltdown and animal extinctions, which must have depleted the human population as well. Myths and religious allegories are therefore closely linked to the same cosmic incursion about 11,650 years ago.

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This misunderstood symbol was derived from the branched appearance of lightning responsible for the known scientifically possible conversion of the methane-rich efflux from Sirius B into hydrocarbon nutriments ( manna, soma etc. Read Science journal vol. 153 p 1393-5, 1966 ). Here anointing oil synthesized by lightning emitted by the winged red disc is obtained from the tree and applied to the living king and then to his corpse by Sirius B angels.The Assyrian god Assar of Sirius is in the red disc

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Here the fate of the ancestors who inhabited the Island of Flames (an inundated volcanic island in the far Western Horizon) is illustrated in the Book of the Dead. It is now known as Atlantis.


Called the Ancestral Island of Fire in ancient Egyptian texts. Inundated when the efflux from Sirius B struck Earth. The Seven Sages , descendents of survivors, later went to many parts of the world as civilizers . Plato's main theme can still be read on the walls of the Edfu Temple. A boat cult was developed to join souls to those of their drowned ancestors .

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